... on my homepage. My name is Frank Hollwitz. I'm from germany, from a village near Berlin.

You can find me on Twitter: @hatniKS and Mastodon: @hatnix@social.tchncs.de. I also have an account on Google+, but I'm not really active there. And to get a (rough) overview which music I usually listen to, visit my Bandcamp collection.

I've got a Twitch channel, where I livestream games. There is also a VOD-Section, where you can watch the latest recordings. On my Youtube channel you can also find some recordings of games that I played, but only the (in my opinion) most important ones. Follow me on Twitter, in order to see when I stream next time.

I usually buy my games at GOG.com (affiliate link), an online store for DRM-free games for Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.


Some years ago I developed some software (mostly casual games) for windows, which are outdated now. However, if you want to have a look at it, visit my Old-Software-Archive on SourceForge.

Recently I developed some small games which use JavaScript/HTML5/CSS3 and should be able to run in every modern internet browser. You can download them (play it offline or put it on your own website) or you can play them here directly on this website: 3some, BOXit and pegSolo.

3some JS

Download: 3some_2016.02.16.zip (19.894 bytes)


Download: boxit_2016.02.16.zip (19.360 bytes)

pegSolo JS

Download: pegsolo_2016.02.16.zip (20.212 bytes)

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